Staytunne Network: Decentralized App Framework for friendly-developper

is an open-source and developer-friendly network for building
Decentralized apps and smart contracts based waves blockchain
It provides a faster, easier and less repetitive way for decentralized apps based community tokens.

Everything you need to build decentralized apps, and manage your digital assets

Blocknet - Version 4.0.1

Designed for everyone, everywhere.

Smart contracts are self-executing, public code that run on the STN NETWORK. Use smart contracts to build new kinds of apps and protocols that operate without a central authority, control digital assets, and enable trustless interactions, build with WAVES IDE SMART CONTRACT AND DAPPs.

STN0 token based waves blockchain info.

Asset name : STN0
Asset id : ETTf7Pmqb8tdn7DqBcu4GpcEb5HNzY1GsNs8Rzbw2f6P
Network released : WAVES BLOCKCHAIN


STN Blocknet

The Stunnes blockchain inherits the security like the Bitcoin blockchain through its consensus mechanism, Proof of Transfer.

SDKs use cases

Build decentralized apps using JavaScript, TypeScript, or any of your preferred frameworks like React, Vue, or Angular.

Lightweight Network

STN blocknet uses lightweight high-function for data storage, privacy and secure encryption.

Digital assets

Create your own digital community assets with the stunne blockchain and make a fast transfer , lowest fee's using a mobile or desktop wallet.

STN Blocknet Wallet

STN Blocknet Wallet supports STN and other tokens on the Stunne's mainnet Network.The client supports multiple platforms, you can choose to download. Download Pages for multi wallets will be available soon.